“The sessions with Jessica really allowed us to learn more about one another and our areas for growth. Jessica incorporated faith and counseling, and as Christians this was of great value. Jessica is warm, caring, and knowledgeable. I would recommend her marriage coaching to all couples looking to get married to set that foundation for a successful and happy life with your life partner.”


“My husband and I used Pastor Jessica’s “Ceremony Design Only” package to prepare for our destination wedding in Italy. We had a family friend officiate the ceremony but he needed some extra support since he had never officiated a wedding before. Pastor Jessica met with us and our officiant to learn about our hopes and dreams for the ceremony. She then sent us an initial design using GoogleDocs and we went back and forth making edits until it was exactly what we wanted. She then met one on one with our officiant and offered him tips and coaching on how to lead our rehearsal and ceremony. The day of the wedding was absolutely perfect and we were so happy we used Jessica. Our family friend sounded so professional and it felt so wonderful to have a family friend do our ceremony with such comfort and ease and with SUCH MEANING! Jessica really is a miracle worker, I was a little nervous before because I wasn’t sure how we were going to portray our relationship and we really needed help writing our own vows, she did an amazing job in every aspect and is so sweet too!”


“Living and working in LA we are used to having an incredible selection of options and were planning a kind of edgy, fashion-forward wedding in a gorgeous but very traditional part of the country (Sea Island, GA). So we were really struggling to find an officiant that could create a ceremony that was in line with our vibe and felt like “us.” We didn’t want to saddle a friend or family member with that responsibility, and everyone we found in the area was either too traditional and offered a very strict religious ceremony OR they were the anti-religious type with a super casual approach. I was feeling like, just because we don’t want a heavy church service doesn’t mean we don’t want our wedding ceremony to have some level of legitimacy and formality! So I knew we wanted to hire an official officiant but I was only finding extremes.

“I interviewed MANY of the top rated officiants in the area and was feeling SO stressed because this is not an easy thing to just randomly hire a stranger from afar to perform the most important ceremony of your life, right? I mean I was really stressing. Until…. I found PASTOR JESSICA. I can’t tell you what a HUGE relief it was and what a massive weight off my frantic bridal shoulders it was when I finally found her. Despite reaching out to her with just over a month until the date, she graciously accepted my desperate plea. Not only was I super last minute, I also had a very involved, unique and non-traditional idea I wanted to include for our ceremony, and Pastor Jessica was so down! YES she is an official pastor and leads a church, but she is also young and creative and cool and wanted our ceremony to really feel like US. She’s also an INCREDIBLE writer which if you haven’t figured out yet is HUGELY important if you are trusting someone else to write your ceremony (which you should, you have too much to do already). We gave her a pretty edgy essay that held a lot of personal meaning to us and she adapted beautifully to make it appropriate for our wedding ceremony. That takes a lot of talent. She really got to know us, in fact those getting-to-know-you sessions were actually really fun and provided a much-needed moment to reflect in the middle of the planning craziness. The questions she asks, and the level of organization that she has in terms of her

system – not to mention the WEALTH of information she provides with her package in terms of just helpful ceremony guides and vow stuff – it really showed in our ceremony. The ceremony felt totally personalized, special, and you could really tell she “knew” us – even though we only met in person the day before at the rehearsal! That is MAJOR for anyone planning destination wedding or just super busy.

Last, but not least, we got a surprise rain storm right before I was supposed to walk down the aisle – and let me tell you, this moment was when I was so grateful I had hired a PRO. My wedding planner ran in (literally one minute before we were walking out) and said we had to cut the ceremony down. I looked at Pastor Jessica panicked like what are we going to do?!?! But she was so calm I was instantly comforted. She didn’t bat an eye and just calmly went through the sections she thought we could cut without disrupting the flow and still maintaining the integrity of the ceremony, and handled it seamlessly. We even changed venues last minute huddled under a walkway in the rain, and she was so cool and confident that it really helped everyone else involved. No one even realized we changed anything about the ceremony! Now THAT is who you want up there with you on your day.” (Photo: Heather Waraksa)


“Pastor Jessica performed a beautiful ceremony for us! She set a tone of calm, respect and joyfulness, and we received many compliments about how it truly reflected our relationship. Pastor Jessica met with us beforehand to understand more about us, and then worked with us to find just the right elements for our ceremony. It was so easy to set the tone that felt right for us, as she had many options. I’m so grateful for the focus she gave to us, to make all of the details work to make our day so incredible.” (Photo: Leah Powell Photography)


“PASTOR JESSICA IS PHENOMENAL! We cannot thank Pastor Jessica enough for officiating our wedding. Not only did she perform the ceremony flawlessly, she also took time to get to know us and personalize our special day. She sincerely cares about her clients! 10 out of 10 all day, every day!

She worked with us and helped us customize every piece of our ceremony. She has countless booklets and options from religious to non-religious available for couples to customize and make their ceremony one of a kind.

She is also incredibly organized. It helped take a lot of stress out if the wedding planning and coordinating. She helped run our rehearsal, and we felt completely confident in her ability to officiate our wedding smoothly. I couldn’t recommend a better officiant. She made our day so special. We did a pre-ceremony prayer, which was perfect for us. We were able to clear our heads before our ceremony so that we could just focus on each other.

Hands down, the best! She takes the time to get to know her couples, is always a text or call away, is willing to help with pre-marriage counseling, gives amazing advice, and is a calming wave in the craziness on a big day.” (Photo: Meagan Gaines Photography)


“I knew the moment I started planning my wedding that there was no one else than Pastor Wayne that I wanted to officiate over my wedding. I have known Pastor Wayne and Jessica for many years and have seen other weddings performed by them, and could tell each one was special to them. Pastor Wayne took time to help us with writing our vows and gave us advice on websites to help choose music for the wedding. Thank you Pastor Wayne for helping make our special day perfect!”


“Pastor Jessica was an amazing addition to our wedding experience. She took the time to get to know my husband and me as we were planning the wedding ceremony. When it came time to put the ceremony together, Pastor Jessica displayed extraordinary levels of organization and attention to detail. We really valued that she spent a few minutes with each of us just before the wedding ceremony to ground and center us.”


“My husband and I were so lucky to have found such an amazing wedding officiant! Jessica provided strong attention to detail when planning and customizing our wedding ceremony. It was a process we never thought we would get to be involved in, but we are happy she gave us the option to make our ceremony fit who we are as a couple.

On the day of, she showed up ready to help and pull off an organized and memorable ceremony. During this time, she made sure the musicians and door attendants were fully aware of their responsibilities and was even there to provide words of encouragement while I was getting ready. She was also the person that saved the day when she calmed my stress and fixed the zipper on my dress when my Mother and Aunt were having complications. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and we are so happy with our choice to have Jessica as our Officiant.
We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding officiant!” (Photo: Arthur Sese Photography)


“Pastor Jessica officiated our wedding on July 1st, 2017. We were thrilled to have an officiant who was willing to sit down with us and structure the service exactly how we wanted it. She paid attention to our specific details but executed them in a way that seemed genuine and natural. Pastor Jessica had a knack for understanding our heart as a couple. We felt as though our guests were hearing us through her. She had a clear and confident voice that kept our guests attention but didn’t overpower the emotion of the service. Even though we knew what was going to be said, the way in which she spoke truly brought our vows to life. We are so grateful to have worked with her.”


“Pastor Wayne did a beautiful job with our wedding. He is very well spoken and we couldn’t have asked for a better person to lead us in our ceremony.”


“I had Pastor Wayne officiate my wife and I’s wedding and I was extremely happy. He was so helpful with his ideas and feedback when he helped us write our own vows as well as come up with a beautiful ceremony that felt customized to my wife and me. His experience helped tremendously and was very conscientious about our ideas and our vision for the wedding.”


“Pastor Jessica was AMAZING from start to finish. She made our ceremony exactly what we wanted and really tailored the whole thing around us as a couple. She is extremely flexible as well (we had several last minute changes and she was always just a phone call away). Highly recommend working with Pastor Jessica, you will not regret it!” (Photo: Our Wild Souls Photography)

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